Membership Requirements

Volunteering in the field of Fire and EMS Services is a challenging and rewarding opportunity. Back Mountain Regional Fire and EMS is a unique organization, encompassing 3 stations consisting of paid personnel and volunteers at the local level. Our unique system, coupled with a high call volume and wide variety of emergency responses and non- emergency duties, will provide the prospective volunteer with a wide range of opportunities not commonly found in other Emergency Service Organizations. Many of our volunteers have advanced to making Fire and EMS a professional career.

The volunteers in the Back Mountain Fire & EMS pride themselves on our organizational values of teamwork, service and dedication. We are an equal opportunity organization and encourage diversity in our system. We always welcome new volunteers into the department and seek to include them as team members. Our volunteers are motivated individuals who strive to provide the best possible Fire & EMS services to our community.

Fire Membership

Fire members are trained in fire suppression and respond on the apparatus or private vehicle to emergency calls. Many fire members also have cross training in Emergency Medical Services. All applicants will serve a 6-month probationary period. Applicants without any previous training will remain probationary status until successful completion of the basic course Fundamentals of Firefighting has been completed. Applicants must also attend department trainings and meetings while adhering to our point system. Many other training courses are available to you outside of our local level training.

EMS Membership

EMS membership is for individuals who only wish to ride on Ambulance in a Basic Life Support (BLS) or Advanced Life Support (ALS) capability. All EMS members are required to have or obtain a Pennsylvania or a National Registry EMT to crew the back of the Ambulance or Emergency Responder in order to drive the Ambulance and must be at least 18 years of age. All applicants will serve a 6month probationary period. Applicants without previous training will remain on probationary status until successful completion of EMT and other probationary requirements have been met. Personal crewing of the Ambulance has the opportunity to be paid per diem under the Chiefs requirements. Applicants must also attend department trainings and meetings while adhering to our point system.

Junior Membership

Young adults ages 14-18 are the next generation of Firefighters and EMT’s in the Back Mountain Regional Fire & EMS. While meeting the Pennsylvania Labor Laws, Junior Firefighters participate in a wide variety of training and learning opportunities. These opportunities come in the form of weekly training alongside veteran members in addition to dedicated training events with other Junior Firefighters from across the region at certified training facilities. Upon reaching age 18 and/or graduating from High School, the Junior Firefighter moves into the status of an active member. The Junior Firefighter program believes in the value of education. Junior Firefighters must maintain a passing grade point average in all courses of study and must provide their grades to their program mentor and advisor. Failure to maintain passing grades will result in their suspension from the program.