Openings currently exist for EMT’s, paramedics and fire fighters for a unique community service opportunity with Back Mountain Regional Fire & EMS. The “Live In” is a person who serves the department and community in a volunteer capacity as a “live-in” or “residential” EMT or firefighter. In return, the department provides living accommodations for Live-Ins at no cost. Most shifts will be covered from your home while you study or sleep.

All Live-Ins must be matriculated, full-time students in an area college, must be at lease 18 years of age, and must meet a minimum EMT or firefighter training standard at the beginning of the academic semester.Live-ins will be required to maintain at lease a 2.5 GPA to stay eligible for the program.Live-Ins will share a home with other students in the program which is within walking distance to the station. Each student will be provided with a bed, desk, dresser and internet access, as well as laundry and kitchen facilities.There are also opportunities for part-time employment and per-diem compensation arrangements.

For additional information contact us or you may call 570-690-7165.


Live-Ins will be required to be on call as agreed upon before each semester. It is expected the required commitment will be a minimum of (3) 12 hour shifts (36 hours) with a maximum of (5) 12 hour shifts (60 hours) per week.

  •  One being a weekend shift per week
  • One weekend shift per month may be taken off if substituted with a weeknight shift though may not be the same weekend as other Live-Ins
    • Subject to the approval of BMR supervisor/chief
  • Hourly paid crew work does not count towards the required weekly shift obligation
  • Employment outside of BMR during residential time periods must be approved in advance by the Committee
  • No matter what time of day, it is expected that when a Fire Call is dispatched, all available Live-In Members will respond
  • Learn the roads and businesses in response area
  • Become familiar with the equipment on the apparatus as well as the use of all said equipment
  • Respond to all calls when available ; not only when completing required shifts
  • Electric , natural gas, water, internet service, sewer and garbage collection
  • Bed, dresser, and closet (Room\bed assigned by BMR)
  • Shared living room furniture
  • Washer & Dryer (Household residents use only)
  • Cleaning and household maintenance equipment
  • Dispatch pager and charger
  • Firefighting turnout gear or EMS turnout gear (Depending on training completed and member capability)
  • Food
  • Bed linens
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Household supplies including cleaning supplies and bathroom products. Restocking of supplies with department supplies is not permitted.
  • Uniforms for hourly shift work (Pants, belt and black boots)
  • Cleaning
  • Lawn Maintenance including weeding the flower beds (WEEKLY)
  • Snow Removal must be done in a timely fashion
  • Renters Insurance
  • Member will be paid per-diem for all EMS calls that results in emergency transportation to a local hospital.
    • A call trip sheet must be completed before any per-diem payment is made. The trip sheet must be completed in sufficient quality for the trip to be billed to a third-party insurance provider.
  • Hourly shifts may be available for special events and in relief of regular hourly employees.
    • These hours do not count towards the weekly live-in program requirement.

It is the intent of the Live-In Program to provide clean , comfortable facilities for Live-In Members. Living in a shared housing atmosphere requires each member to respect the needs of others and not just themselves. The interior of the house is expected to be clean at all times and the exterior of the home and yard is to be neat and maintained in appearance.

The following housekeeping duties are to be completed by the residents:

  • Kitchen, bathrooms and showers will be cleaned daily
  • Food will be stored properly, dishes will be cleaned and put away after each use
  • Floors to be vacuumed and mopped weekly and whenever needed
  • The house is to be kept sanitary at all times
  • Maintain your bedroom in a neat and orderly manner
  • House will be kept neat in appearance at all times
  • Lawn is to be mowed weekly during mowing season
  • Parking on lawn and on-street is prohibited.
    • Parking is available in the driveway and at the Station parking lot
  • Garbage is not to accumulate in or around the home. A dumpster is available at the Station for household use.

All rooms are to be kept clean and organized at all times. Bedrooms are subject to inspection by the Program Oversight Committee at any time.

  • Alcohol , drugs & firearms are prohibited on Back Mountain Regional property
  • The use of tobacco of any form is not permitted in any department building.
  • Parties and destructive actions are prohibited.
  • No Pets will be permitted,
  • Visitors must be escorted throughout the home and all Back Mtn. Regional buildings
  • No horseplay. Fighting or harassment (including sexual) will not be tolerated.
  • Destruction of Fire Company property will not be tolerated and is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination from the program according to Fire Company Policies and will be prosecuted within the boundaries of Pennsylvania Law.

All Live-Ins will have a personal evaluation at the conclusion of each semester. If the Live-In has not performed the required shift work or failed to meet the obligations identified herein, the Live-In will either not be offered housing for the semester or shall be placed on probation. This will be at BMR’s discretion.

While on probation, the Live-in will not be provided free housing until they make up the shifts owed to BMR and meet the current semester obligation for one (1) month. Until the Live-in is reinstated, they will be subject to the monthly rental. The monthly rent will be due no later than the 151 of the month following the effective date of being placed on probation.

Failure to follow the SOGs, policies, rules & regulations of the department may cause the live-in to be terminated immediately and must vacate the premises.


The monthly rent for any member on probation is $600. The rent for any member who drops out of the program after signing the housing agreement is $3,500 for the semester.


A $600 refundable security deposit is due with the signing of this agreement. The acceptance into the program is contingent upon the receipt of the security deposit. The security deposit shall be used to repair any damage caused by the tenants or to perform cleaning or maintenance services due to the lack of the tenants from meeting their obligation.


Housing and\or employment opportunities during summer or holiday breaks will be handled on a case by case basis. Requests should be made as soon as possible. Members may leave personal items in the home over holiday and summer breaks only if they have been approved to return to the house as a resident. This does not include perishable food items. All perishable items must be removed prior to Summer or Holiday breaks. BMR reserves the right to have the items removed if the bedroom is needed during the break. Students must remove all belongings at the conclusion of the spring semester unless the student is taking summer courses , and approved by the committee.