Fire Destroys Two Homes in Dallas (July 4th 2017) - Click To View

DALLAS -- Two homes were destroyed and one woman needed to be flown to the hospital for severe burns after a house fire on the Fourth of July in Luzerne County. Fire crews said the fire broke out around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday and just a few hours later, people are trying to help a family they said has lost so much. Fire crews said the fire not only destroyed this home but a neighboring house as well. The American Red Cross said it was helping four people from the home on the left, but the home on the right was vacant. "I was just worried if would hit the trees it would eventually come over, but at least they stopped it. They did a good job stopping it," Neighbor Chris Barearo said. A state police fire marshal is still looking into the cause of the fire. It is not considered to be suspicious.
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Mock Crash at Dallas High School - Click To View

Tuesday May 2nd Crews From Regional, Trucksville, Shavertown & Kunkle Met up at Dallas High school to put on a mock crash. During the event students acted out a crash scene. A drunk driver crashed into a another car carrying two passengers. Chaos and screams erupts as they discover the full impact of the tragedy the decision to drink and drive caused. Police, medics, and the coroner arrived to assist in the event. Though it was a mock crash, students said it felt very real. “In reality it could happen to anybody,”

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