The KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry System was specifically developed for the fire department. With one master key, we can gain access to commercial and residential property in case of an emergency. More than 9,000 departments nationwide us Knox key boxes.

Many fire departments (including Back Mountain Regional Fire and EMS, Inc.) use highly secure Knox Box® Master Key Security Systems, to control the Knox Master Key. The master key is kept in our fire apparatus and ambulances and is only able to be used with permission. Property owners in the community store entrance keys, access cards and floor plans in high-security KNOX-BOX® key boxes mounted near their buildings entrances.

Each KNOX-BOX® purchased by the property owner is keyed to the single master key controlled by Back Mountain Regional Fire and EMS, Inc. With the Knox System, there is no cost to the fire department, no waiting for a property owner to unlock the door in the middle of the night, and no forcing the door open to gain entry. The Knox Rapid Entry System reduces response time, property damage and the liability for lost keys.

For more information on the KNOX-BOX® program or to purchase please visit

To setup a Knox-Box® at a residential or commercial property protected by Back Mountain Regional Fire and EMS, Inc. please contact the BMRFE Regional Fire Chief at 570-675-0636.