Young adults age 14 to 17 are the next generations of firefighters in our emergency system. While meeting the requirements of the Pennsylvania Child Labor Laws, junior firefighters participate in the BMRFE system in a wide variety of training and learning opportunities. These opportunities come in the form of weekly training alongside senior members in addition to dedicated training events with other junior firefighters from across Luzerne County and Pennsylvania.

While not able to be actively engaged in fire suppression or rescue operations, junior firefighters participate in other facets of the fire service during their time in the junior program.

Junior firefighters respond to emergency calls with senior members and fulfill a vital role on emergency incidents. Upon reaching age 18 and/or graduating from high school, the junior firefighter moved into the ranks of a senior firefighter.

The BMRFE junior firefighter program believes in the value of education. Junior firefighters must maintain a passing grade point average in all courses of study and must provide their grade to the program advisors. Failure to maintain passing grades will result in suspension from the junior firefighter program. Are you between the ages of 14 and 17?

Are you looking to learn new skills and serve your community alongside your friends and family? Inquire today about becoming a junior firefighter to see how we will train you and what benefits you will receive for serving your community.